Monday, February 6, 2012

Gun forum advice

this guy maybe doesn't have it all right, but he is on to something.
 If you ask someone who carries a pistol about dealing with edged weapons they will likely mumble something about “not bringing a knife to a gun fight”, or something even less understandable about the 21 foot rule. Most of them will have never done the 21 foot drill, and if they did they probably concentrated on drawing and putting rounds on target instead of getting cut.

Even though the research screams that you are very unlikely to see the edged weapon you are attacked with, for some reason we just cannot let go of training to shoot a bad guy holding a butcher knife glaring at us from seven yards away. We either train against that or the same guy charging us when he is given the signal. For our purposes here we will discuss the latter.

and here a different forum with the exact posting but different people replying:

Yeah, I am watching you and I know what you think.

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