Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tueller Drill and Knives: Myth, Fantasy and Reality

2) The Tueller Drill is an interesting thing. Read more about it here and here. It is also known as the 21 foot rule and that name is probably more accurate. The drill itself isn't so useful, it is the rule that comes from it and the well tested scientific evidence behind it that are useful. Basically the jist is that it takes right about as fast for a guy with a knife to cover 21 feet and presumably shank you as it does for a reasonably trained individual to draw and fire an accurate shot. It really is useful as an educational tool and protection for armed citizens should they face a goblin with an edged or impact weapon. It helped scientifically dispell the lawyer and prosecutor based idea that guns are magical talismans and unless a guy with a knife is 3 feet away you shouldn't be able to defend yourself. In short the 21 foot rule did a lot to break down the myth that guns are some sort of a magical talisman.

Witness blames officers in Modesto shooting....Where have we seen this story before? Why right here

A woman standing about 10 feet from her boyfriend when he was shot by a Modesto police officer last week in their home said Tuesday he never threatened the officers.
"I'm angry as hell. They didn't have to hurt him," she said. "We call the police when we need help. We need cops, but I think they took this situation and handled it wrong."
Brian Reed, a 41-year-old trucker, was shot in his home in the 1800 block of Hagstrom Court on Thursday after police went there to check on his welfare because he was threatening to kill himself.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Law enforcement people talking about knives in a forum

Law Enforcement people talking about knives and 21 foot rule

28 Real-World Reasons why a firearm may not be the best response to an edged weapon attack

1. You don’t have a gun.

2. You cannot easily accesses your gun because of clothing or position. (concealed carry, fallen or against a wall)

3. The average attack occurs in less than 2.5 seconds. (21-foot rule)

4. The average human mental reaction time is nearly one second.

5. The average draw to presentation from an open holster takes over 2.5 seconds.

Read more about why a gun doesn't always beat a knife

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sword versus M16s.. The Phillipines, 1967

In the grubby streets of Pasay City, a suburb of Manila, a most unusual group of men gathered last week. They were members of an obscure political sect called Lapiang Malaya (Freedom Movement), and they were armed with long bolo knives and dressed in peculiar blue uniforms with red and yellow capes. At the command of their leader, an old (eightyish) fanatic named Valentin de los Santos, they had come up from their homes in the paddy fields of southern Luzon. Their mission: to march on the presidential palace in Manila and overthrow the government.

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