Monday, December 12, 2011

guys practicing 21 foot rule Tueller drill force on force

Cutting meat with small knives

21 foot rule depending on the gun

This guy is going to depend on his gun to protect himself. If he misses the vitals, he is going to go to the grave with the knife guy. If you both die, no one has won. Do you want to shoot the guy or protect yourself? Which has priority?

Dan Inosanto and the 21 foot rule

This is from "Surviving Edged Weapons" law enforcement only DVD.

21 foot rule myths

Myth 1. You can empty your clip into the knife guy before he can move two steps.
Reality: People don't test well under pressure. They tend to miss more and sometimes freeze, screw up or run for their lives screaming like little boys.

Myth 2. The knife guy will drop like a sack of potatoes when you shoot him.
Reality: Sometimes they drop, sometimes they take multiple hits and act like nothing happened.

Myth 3. Your awareness is so keen no one will ever get that close to you.
Reality: They can get close to you before you have a clue. Distractions can take many forms. There are a lot of variables out there in this big world. Don't count on your awareness. Some people can't even count on having a gun on them.

Myth 4. The knife guy running at you will just run straight whatever you do.
Reality: If you move, don't forget he can move too.

Myth 5.  A gun beats a knife.
Reality: It all depends on where the bullet hits and where the knife or machete hits. If he has a bullet hole in the stomach and your head is detached from your body, did you win? If he is dead and your eyes have been slashed by a knife, did you "win"? Many officers have been severely injured by knives. Don't think your gun is a magic wand.

21 foot rule observations, myths and observations

1. If you shoot the knife guy at less than 21 feet away.. you didn't win; you very likely traded a knife wound for a gun wound.

2. Your ability to stop a charging guy with a knife if you do shoot him depends on where you hit him. Results will vary from him dropping like a sack of potatoes to acting like nothing happened.

3. 21 feet is the beginning of the danger zone if you have a gun and the bad guy has the knife. It is still hard to shoot him and not get hit with the knife at 21 feet if you are more or less ready. If you are not ready, you most likely will receive a knife wound. There is a difference between the Tueller Drill and getting ambushed by someone with a knife.

4. I have seen very good gun guys do the 21 foot rule. They depend too much on their shots to protect themselves. Do you want to shoot the bad guy with the knife or protect yourself from getting stabbed?

5. Try the 21 foot rule using concealment.... it might be different.

6. When you visualize the 21 foot rule, do you visualize a 3.5 inch folding knife or 3 feet of razor sharp sword? It might change things.

7.  The adept will know that the concept of timing is important to surviving in regards to the 21 foot rule.

8. There is the myth that the guy with the knife cannot adjust while running. He can. You move... so can he.

More to come....

Friday, December 2, 2011

Police Chase Ends In Stabbing, Shooting

Do you notice that the officer didn't shoot this guy while he was running at him? The idea of "i'd put 5 bullets in you before you took two steps" is mostly internet posting self delusion.