Thursday, January 19, 2012

Modified Israeli Mossad Draw (IMD)

If you carry a gun without a round in the chamber, you are expecting someone to grab your gun away or you are severely brain damaged. You really think you will have two hands to get your gun into action? There is enough going on already to handicap yourself without a round in your chamber. Who cares what the Mossad does?

This is just stupid.


  1. I guess you didn't watch the video based on your comments.

  2. I made this video 3 years ago simply to see/show that one can do it as fast or almost as fast and a standard draw.

    It was not meant (originally) to promote one or another and I personally feel on in the hole, ready to fire is the best way carry. However, there are situations where one has to or chooses to carry with an empty hole. Perhaps this is another option for them.